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Lisboa | Portugal

@2018 by Mediterran Food & Beverage Lda. 

Our Sardines

On the outside they are fun and modern.

Traditional recipes of Portuguese cuisine served with lots of creativity and humor. Designers and publicists in tune with who, many years ago, makes handmade delicious sardine recipes.


This is the main secret of our cans and that makes our brand a success greatly appreciated either in Portugal or in other demanding markets such as England, U.S.A, Germany, etc.

Our brand is not limited to cans and can also be seen in collections of t-shirts and other merchandising products.

The brand is operated by Mediterran_Food & Beverage, a company of food business sector, which promotes products of Portuguese origin associated with the Mediterranean diet. 

On the inside they are delicious 
and made according to
traditional methods.

Quality and Freshness

Our products are recognized for their quality and exquisite pleasure. Are made with fresh fish, caught off the Portuguese coast and produced according to the traditional pre-cooked method.

Preservation of Nature
We are fully committed with the responsible use of marine resources, willing to protect the sustainability of fisheries, as well as contribute to the preservation of nature. We use reliable fish suppliers, using responsible fishing methods and according to all international standards.

Sustainable Fisheries
Our preserves have the Eco-label-MSC Marine Stewardship Council, this certification assures the exclusive use of products found in an environmentally sustainable fishing.

To minimize the environmental impact, we use completely recyclable packaging, without plastic. The outer packaging may be painted or in carton.

Food Safety Policy
The Food Security Policy is based on principles and values of competence, honesty and transparency in the supply of products, in accordance with the specifications and requirements of each client, ensuring the reliability, flexibility and competitive standards of food quality and safety in order to exceed customer expectations.